Tachometer hook up outboard motor Outboard Tachometer Installation

Tachometer hook up outboard motor

If it has a nut connector, crimp on an eyelet and fasten the nut with a socket.

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Any help would be appreciated. The 73 johnsons do not have the 3-wire setup for the tach.

Im worried about blowing the motor. Its good you are concerned dating ucsb the rpms, you can cause damage to the powerhead if you overrevv it. Please do not reply to old topics or hijack existing topics. Please click the thumbnail.

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Boats with tachometers allow the boat owner to govern and tachometer hook up outboard motor the engine's rpm rate during wide-open throttle operation. We have very active forums and any topic that remains inactive for that long should be considered "dead". Any thoughts, or am I just worried for nothing?

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Stevenson holds a P. Additional forum rules linked below. Thank you all in advance for doing your part in helping iboats run a smooth ship.


Strip both ends of the wire. Goodman Draft inducer motor. Tighten the nut with a socket. Below are some additional forum policies in hopes of all iboats members will follow, Thank you. If you have a question that has not been covered to your satisfaction in the archives, it is always best to start a new topic of your own.

Connect one eyelet to the negative ground on the ignition-switch ground pole; fasten the nut with a small socket.

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Use a screwdriver to remove the screws on the electrical-control-box lid. You will also need to get postive and negative from your dash to run the tach.

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Trailer the boat to a convenient work location. Help with switch issues.

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Crimp two eyelets on each end. Use the appropriate diameter hole-saw bit to drill a hole through the structure.

how to hook up a tach to johnson motor

Whats the difference between stucco base coat and stucco mix? Connect one end to the ignition switch pole with a nut; tighten the nut with a small socket.

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Crimp two wire-eyelets on both ends. Keeping the engine within and under maximum rpm ratings extends engine life and promotes better performance. The part number you want is it connects the omc or medallion or other tach to the control box, about 12 bucks. Photo Credits outboard motor boat image by Wimbledon from Fotolia. Old topics of a technical nature are like a library book, Please do not write in them.

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