Who is dating who on pll The Complete Dating History of the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Cast (PHOTOS)

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At home, Aria listens while her parents fight. I would of have really liked to see Ezra and Aria together in real life.

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Things are also still awkward between Byron and Ella, as the latter has asked him for space. Are there still unresolved feelings?

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He actually reminds me a lot of Ezra, so clearly Aria has a type — physically and mentally. Embed from Getty Images. Ezra replies, saying that he is in love with someone already, meaning Aria.

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He basically asks her to continue keeping his affair a secret, explaining that the woman he cheated with now works at Hollis College and he has to see her periodically. The girls decide to follow Jenna at 4: Ezra helps Aria clear the table and runs the dishwasher.

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Hanna then plops her tray down next to the other Pretty Little Liars - not far from where Jenna is sitting. Aria finds it weird that Hanna is being so nice to her mean stepsister, but Hanna insists she's doing it for her dad.

You get to see them be there for each other in a healthy way this time around. They continue to chat until Aria sees Detective Wilden hustle Emily into the library to answer dating engaged married. He is currently dating his new girlfriend Lauren Hoover.

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Caleb hooks the phone up to his computer to download its contents. The girls gather in Jenna's hospital room. Aria pretends not to know much about the incident which caused her blindness. When Aria returns home to her mother, she discovers Ella sitting in the living room.

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Hanna decides enough is enough. Aria asks Spencer about the reward Jason offered to whoever has information about Alison's body.

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