We hook up traduction Traduction de We'll hook up en fran├žais

We hook up traduction

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On se verra demain. I haven't even had time to hook up my cable.

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We'll hook up later. We'll hook up soon and do that study thing. On se voit plus tard, alors?

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If you wanna hook up with someone whose biggest scoop is the impact of skrillex on society, go for it. Quick release combination riving style splitter with.

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Enregistez-vous pour voir plus d'exemples S'inscrire Connexion. Dex, wanna best dating apps melbourne up for breakfast?

Were the Conservatives really trying to find a way to get around the Lobbying Act by allowing their buddie s t o hook up a n d meet with people without having to report it?

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Tu veux te faire Whitney Drummond? Like I say, you wanna hook up with that, I ain't in your way. C'est assez pour brancher quelqu'un. The drinking water advisory will remain in place until the houses are a l l hooked up t o t he community system and old wells are decommissioned.

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See if they wanna hook up later tonight. A special feature of this compactor is that it is completely watertight and at the same time easy to hook-up traduction dustcart equipment which then dump the waste products directly into the machine.

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After scratching our heads for a bit we headed to Vang Vieng w he r e we hooked up w i th Liam whom we had met a few weeks before. Tu sais, si on couche ce soir ensemble, demain je serais juste une autre fille dont tu irais parler aux autres.

Besides, when we hook up with Joxer we'll stop and make hook.

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Avec de la chance on va se retrouver entre les deux. Tu n'aimerais pas sortir avec Austin? We always thought about the parents and how [ We'll hook up later, OK?

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Little did they know that we really weren't [ You know, if we hook up tonight Nous en reparlerons plus tard, OK?