Dating a kpop idol wattpad Dating a Kpop Idol

Dating a kpop idol wattpad

You saw him on the couch.

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You ignored it and continue walking and something caught your eye. I didnt know how much hurt i cause you. I don't want this anymore. You dropped your phone to the side and you felt so disappointed that he don't remember your anniversary but since he is busy. And you saw the person that you don't want to see which is Jackson. When your shift ended, you exited the cafe and you saw Jackson following you at the back. The next morning you woke up and you can smell a nice smell coming from the kitchen.

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And then you walked back home and when you reached back home. You walked to the kitchen and you saw Jackson cooking in the kitchen. He kept on saying sorry while you were just crying. Until you heard JB asked Jackson" Jackson.

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You said you had an interview and you were busy. But you accidentally stepped on a plastic bottle which causes sound and Got7 to notice you including Jackson.

The clock was ticking and it was 7. It was painful for you to say those words but you just can't forget what happened yesterday. No, I will be attending an interview. I just wanted a wish, just as simple as that but nothing.

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You think its fine. Tomorrow is your 3rd anniversary for being together. I have been asking them where idol wattpad you but most importantly, I have been waiting for you for 3 years and my family and friends ask me to break up with you but I disagree. Are you free tomorrow?

Jackson- Got7 (Dating an idol)

Do you even understand how I feel? I went out to find you but you weren't there. And a day before that you texted Jackson You decided to turn back and go back to the cafe with a broken heart. You turned and faced him.

Dating a KPOP Idol! { Luhan EXO }

That's why you are very grateful to new york times hook up culture penn Jackson. He then answered, " WellI think no. It is just that I am tired and I dating a rest.

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I am just tired of our relationship. You then thought that maybe they were just taking a rest from their hectic schedule.

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But no matter what, I still love BTS. You saw Jackson chasing after BamBam happily. Its our anniversary and you forgot!