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Gong yoo cameo dating agency

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I love Taemin acting by the way. Oh wow Gong Yoo, I'm so excited. Prosecutors and detective fit right in with Bad Guys in City of Evil.

Gong Yoo To Cameo In Dating Agency: Cyrano

Z June 18, at 4: I'm enjoying the show because of Lee Jong Hyuk but the truth is a lot of knetizens are not watching because a SM idol is in this drama. I was excited because we'll have a female trying to wee a male.

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I am doing a happy dance right now! If she can't even look a person in the eye, that'd be a big hindrance for her to attract anyone genie mini client hookup alone attract Gong Yoo: I'm not even watching this drama but I will be watching this episode!!!

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Satu per satu penghargaan diberikan kepada para pelaku dunia hiburan Korea Selatan, sebagai bentuk apresiasi atas kerja keras yang telah dilakukannya selama setahun belakangan ini. This is a smart move, cause the ratings for this drama are pretty dismal, even for Cable. Drama Recaps 20th Century Boy and Girl: The dating agency staff has plenty of experience at pretend scenarios since some of them are really actors associated with a theater company.

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Eun June 18, at A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Jung Yumi is the client, Gong Yoo is the target. Wish it was new drama news for him but I'll take even a guest role loveee him. Page 1 Page 2 Next page. There have been tons of television shows that utilize the star cameo to bolster ratings, often to lackluster effect or sometimes for no purpose other than to say they scored a big name.

Done in no time!

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And now we won't have to hear about "where are the women clients" again? I haven't been watching the show yet, but I am excited to see the guesting.

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O Gong Yoo his royal Hotness!!!! So far I've loved the mini cases they've had and gong yoo cameo dating agency Dating Agency: Gong Yoo was great news but now it's with Jung Yumi?

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I can't even handle this news. Retrieved April 3, As there are more episodes to come, more surprise cameo appearances are expected. This is the main reason why i love this drama. The cameo story every week always make me curious.

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Aku Khawatir dan Akan Bertanggung Jawab. Tentu saja, dari parasnya yang tampan dan sifat gentlenya tidak membuatnya sulit mendapatkan pacar.

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Please do not show this window again for a week. Elina June 19, at 1: They are making sure I tune in right?!

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So in essence, this show has no key demographic. So, she becomes the dating agency's fourth customer and asks them to find a way to make Gong Yoo notice her. Kali ini, penghargaan terhormat diberikan kepada mereka yang dinilai paling berprestasi