Intj dating enfp tumblr Intj dating enfp tumblr

Intj dating enfp tumblr

Will write a series of salty "blind item" blog entries about you for months.

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I just thought it might help others understand us better…. Things I love about each type!! Only does damage to living things in RPGs. Hot, dry dusty summer afternoons that call for lemonade on the porch ESTJ: They'll fuck with you just for the sake of having something to do that day. You secretly want people to like you instead of just follow you. Then when he was sitting in front of me and I was having one of my emotional and existential ponderings out loud I could just see him get overwhelmed.

I love that when you are angry or drunk you guys are always the boss. Your emotions are intense.

Here’s Why You’re Still Single Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Will sit outside of your bedroom window for days with a shotgun, ready for you to make a wrong move so they can blow you to smithereens. Emotional availability comes with experience.

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Every tiny thing can speed dating jeunes lyon reflected on out loud and resolved. Smarter than people think. You'll find Chinese takeout boxes from six months ago covered in maggots by their dating enfp tumblr, but you won't find nary a discouraging word coming out of their mouths.

INTP - is probably wearing earphones right now to avoid face to face human interaction while they lurk the world wide web and expand their collection of saved memes.

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They fuck with people because it's just in their nature. They're either your best friend or your worst enemy and there is literally no in-between. You have no idea what to do with constructive criticism sometimes. Somehow you see the best in people. You always guilt trip people. No chill towards people they dislike.

You keep to yourselves. Hair and makeup somehow stays flawless the entire time. Sunshowers in May, the sky caught halfway on a spectrum of grey and blue, rainbow glittering in the distance ISFJ: Blue skies, fluffy clouds, afternoons out of a dating enfp INFJ: While they're capable of verbally disemboweling someone they dislike, they won't actually come after you unless they're bored and feel like starting drama for shits and giggles.

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The Types and Their Level of Scariness. Rarely ever starts fights but they sure do love jumping into other peoples' fights and finishing them. Everyone knows your name. Sorry again for the hiatus, btw! Things I hate about each type!! They might get hurt with you but they just let that shit go after a while.

You fusion dating site me of a kitten that brings dead animals into the house to show their owner they protect them, no matter how much the owner scolds them.

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You have endless energy and love. They'll fuck with you sometimes for no reason whatsoever. Will put you in the hospital, wait until you've been released, and THEN put you in a morgue.