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If your garage door is opening slowly or making a lot of noise, the problem may not be your opener. Check out these expert tips for easier installation and trouble-free operation.

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Use the holes in the vertical track to determine where to drill the hole. Install the Door Panels Step 4: The eyes are very sensitive— even cobwebs can interfere with them. Install the electric eye safety system that came with your garage door opener.

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Locate the center of the opening, and mark it on the door header. Sign Up for our newsletters! Tighten the Springs Snap a chalk line across the springs.

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Put it in a location where anyone operating it can easily see the garage door. Not Helpful 6 Helpful 0. Chain drives a long chain pulls the door open and closed are the least expensive, but they're loud. The door common problem with garage door openers is the door reversing when it's closing, even when there's nothing obvious obscuring the photoelectric eyes.

Attach the Cable Step Secure the Hinges and Install the Track Step 5: Prepare your garage door for opener installation. Those wires have probably been in your garage for 10 years or more, and they may be nicked or worn.

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Be careful when dealing with glass. Use the steel rods to loosen the spring one-quarter turn at a time.

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They could get caught on a moving part and cause injury to you or your property. If the door continues to open, adjust the force. If you're planning to replace your automatic door opener, remove the opener's track from above Image 2.

Adjust the safety reverse system and the electric eye system properly. Make sure the door is balanced. Lift the gay dating apps in south africa about halfway up and let go. Open your door halfway and let go. Make sure your garage door is well lubricated and operating properly. After the tension has been released, disconnect the existing garage-door opener from the door. Begin removing the door panels. Begin by putting together the main assembly.

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The ladder usually an 8-footer holds the opener in position while you measure for your lengths of angle iron. Privacy Policy Sign Up. Always connect the power cord of the garage door opener to a properly grounded outlet to avoid electrical hook.

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Mount the opener on a wall near the garage door, and connect the external system with the internal garage door opener. Slide the wheel to the header bracket, and tighten it securely Image 2.

Make sure that the garages list included hook your opener matches the parts included in the package. Never alter or remove a garage door's springs, cables, or pulleys.

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Belt drives a rubber belt opens and closes the door are the quietest, making them the best choice if you have living space above the garage.

Lift the other end of the assembly up and into place.